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Hello, my name is Tiger and here’s my story. So last summer (2021) I found this house and these humans and I started watching them. I didn’t get too close, but I let them see and hear me. I watched their chickens but I left them alone. I just kinda hung around, and ate mice. Well in October I decided I wanted to meet these humans. So one morning when the mom was walking back from walking the kids to the bus I came out and said Hi. She sat down on the front stairs and gave me lots of attention which I had been craving! Mom then called dad and had him bring out some food, I was super hungry! After I got some food in my belly I curled up on dad’s lap and got lots of attention and fell asleep. At this point is when mom and dad discovered I had worms, so the treated me.

Over the next few months I hung around the property. I helped feed the chickens, and put the away for the night. I loved protecting, watching, eating, drinking and sleeping with the chickens! They didn’t mind me being around either. Mom would bring treats out for the chickens and I would grab my share too :). I love their dog also… We would play all the time! We would run all over. When the family would go do something on the back part of the property, or in the north field I would go with them. I love being with my people! There was even this one time… When mom was changing the oil pressure sensor on the van and I helped her. I jumped up under the hood and climbed on moms back and laid there and purred in her ear while she worked. I love being a big help!

My family kept me outside because they had 4 other kitties in the house and didn’t know if I had any shots. I also had not been fixed. The were so sweet and made me a house on the porch so I had somewhere warm and dry to go when the weather got crumby. All was going good until January 21st 2022. Their 13 year old boy came out to find me that evening because it was really cold that night, they were going to put me in a big kennel in the basement to stay warm. Well I didn’t come out of my house. So he opened the top and picked me up, brought me inside and thought he felt blood on my leg. He turned around and mom noticed my front right leg was just dangling and knew it was bad. Mom took me and got me comfortable on her lap and called dad and told him what was going on and that she needed him. When dad got home from work, they splinted my leg, I was a really good boy! I only meowed once telling them it hurt. Mom called the vet first thing in the morning and they got me in right away. Took X-rays, and mom was right, it was bad! The bone was shattered! They said we could splint it but it probably wouldn’t heal and I would be in lots of pain. So mom and dad decided my leg had to go. They kept me at the vet thru the weekend on pain meds and antibiotics, because they don’t have anyone that stays at the vet on the weekends that would keep an eye on me after surgery. They do have people coming in and out that made sure I was ok thru the weekend tho and I had surgery Monday morning. I did not do well coming out of anesthesia. I was scared, I didn’t know what was going on! What is on my head?! Where is my leg?! Why am I in a bag?! Help me!

I finally calmed down with moms help, she comforted me alot, and took my cone off when I was laying with her. Mom and dad decided I was going to be an inside kitty now. They got me all my shots, got me fixed. And I am figuring out this tripawd thing… I am also figuring this whole indoor cat thing. I love cuddling with my humans! I love cuddling with my dog also! They even have chickens inside so I still get to protect chickens! I really want to go outside tho, I miss it outside! Mom is talking about getting me a harness when everything is all healed up, and I’m excited!

  • Well that’s all for now, I will come back and update more later on… 🙂

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